Dating tips to share, to improve the success of dating tips

How to ask the girl you like out on a date? On weekends off, it's inevitable to go out with the girl you like. Some guys think that dating is easy, but if you think so, you are wrong.

Before the formal start of dating, let's first understand what a date is. Many men define a date as dinner, watching a movie, shopping, or two people engaged in some activities that can increase the value of intimacy. Sometimes thinking is often very simple, but in the time to do it began to Meng, nervous oneself began to be in a situation of all kinds, and not imagined as a perfect date, but full of all kinds of awkward, cold atmosphere.

Today we're going to talk about some tips you can use to improve your dating success and avoid awkward silences.


Prepare for the date

When dating a girl, we should definitely take it seriously. As the saying goes, "Clothes make the man, and the Buddha makes the gold", having a clean appearance will definitely add a lot of points, but in addition to the clothes, there are many things we should be prepared for before the date 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai. It is recommended that men should always carry a bag when going out on a date. It is not necessary to carry a large travel backpack, but a bag that is suitable for the day. In the bag, you should carry the items needed for the date:

(1) Disinfection of wet tissue: during the epidemic, can be used to wipe hands or mobile phones.

(2) Mouth refreshing spray: you can spray it in the bathroom after eating, so your mouth won't smell strange when you talk to a girl.

(3) Dental floss: to prevent eating stuffed teeth.

(4) Tissue: eat, drink milk tea can be handed to girls. This is a plus. Girls will see you as a guy who knows details and is thoughtful.

(5) Gifts: portable, such as brooches, necklaces, bracelets, etc., to give girls a surprise. But don't get a big gift that's too big to carry. You'll end up with something that you have to carry from the date to the date, and you'll be embarrassed and out of the dating experience.


Talk to girls when you see them

As a boy, do not see a girl appear, shrink, can not be handsome, but can not be obscene. To have temperament, to have enough confidence, open greetings, take the initiative to throw out the topic, when dating can talk about a lot of topics, here are a few recommended:

(1) Talk about pets: If you have a pet, you can say: "My cat knocked over a glass of water and came out to pick it up. Fortunately, I'm not late. / Do you like pets?" :

Did not keep a pet can say: "Just a downstairs kitten has been pulling my legs not to let me go, did not think I was also suction cat constitution, you, do you like cats?"

(2) Talk about what you've talked about: food you've talked about: "That great sushi restaurant we were talking about is right here", or: "I saw that movie we were talking about last time in this mall, it was really good. What good movie have you seen?" .

(3) Talk about your interests: a natural way to start is: "I've been so tired at work lately. I like to work out after work. How about you?" "Or" See that cactus at the flower shop over there? I have one in my office. I think you'll like these plants, too."

There are thousands of topics, but the natural opening, few people teach, sometimes not natural topics, will also be full of embarrassment. Now share these few natural openings, learn is to earn.


Date details are a plus.​

Details are a lot of boys will ignore, but do often can let girls to your liking degree Dally rise, the following list of a few simple behaviors, hand on the line:

(1) Offer to open the door for girls.

(2) When eating, let the girls sit down first.

(3) Offer tissues to girls at dinner, even if they bring their own.

(4) Girls offer to carry bags when they go shopping.

(5) Don't check your phone all the time.

A lot of times we ignore these details, but these details will make the girl think that you are a very careful and polite person,

In addition to the above them, there is a lot to pay attention to detail, can go to the bathroom after you have finished eating something organize their own grooming, plug dental floss picks his teeth, after eating bad breath, mouth spray can make you comfortable many, when you talk to the girl close to his mouth will not have strange taste, although there is no very close contact, But your open attitude on a date will win you over and set you up for the next date.

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