Dating secrets 99% of girls don't know

Perhaps many girls have reached the age of "being urged to marry", and many have experienced blind dates.

As for blind dates, many people always laugh at them.

Because they subconsciously think that a blind date is something that people who can't find a partner will do in order to find a partner to marry.

It's awkward and useless when two people who don't know each other at all sit across from each other and talk about each other.

In fact, we all have a wrong understanding of blind date. A blind date is not to let you find a marriage object, but let you know the new opposite sex.

So most of the girls do not know how to use a kind of mentality to face blind dates.


When you meet someone you don't like, let him leave without complaint.​

We often see all kinds of jokes about blind dates, some of which may be made up, some of which are based on real examples.

For example, some of the weirdos you meet on blind dates begin to ask you about your family and income as soon as you sit down, and have direct discussions with you about who will be in charge of money and household after marriage.

Or there are unattractive people who are so full of themselves that you feel like you have no desire to talk.

At this point, some girls find it intolerable and may lose their temper, roll their eyes, or even leave in a huff.

One consequence may be that he will spread negative information about you to the part of your network that overlaps.

If you spend half an hour offending a person, it's not worth it if that person will cause you even a small obstacle in the future.

If you're not interested in a person you're dating, you don't need to make your disapproval obvious, because he can be a node in your relationship.

Even for people who don't care, we can give them the impression that you are a good person and make them feel positive about being with you.

Don't take him as you want to know the opposite sex, don't take him as you want to love the object, this is the shame quotient we said.

Adjust your state of mind, don't look at your husband's eyes and you see a blind date man.

He is a golden network node for you, he may be your friend or your teacher, he may be your long-term employment, and he may even be the introduction you find a husband.

Therefore, before the blind date, they must first adjust their understanding and attitude towards the date.


When you meet the person you like, you should arouse his emotions.​

Blind dates will really meet a lot of people that you can't accept, but there will be some people on the blind date to meet the heart of that he.

​Though it was the weird guy in those jokes, she was already ready to complete the task, not even put on makeup, but experienced what is called "love at first sight".

A few days ago, a friend went to a blind date. Because of the face of relatives, she even if the heart is not willing to 100,000 but still went to about.

She blushed when she first saw him and began to regret that she had not dressed up for the date, but it was too late.

Throughout the conversation, she felt like she was talking, trying to hide her lack of regard for the date. Try to change the other person's view of you in this way.

But after that meeting, he never asked her out again. She tried to send him a wechat message, and the response was cold and distant 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

So this is the wrong mentality about blind dates, and missed love opportunities.

Miss Lu Qi once said:

When you meet someone you like, you have to give him a feeling of pleasure so strong that he won't refuse to go out with you again, and a feeling of pleasure so that he is physically happy to talk to you.

And this so-called physical joy is actually emotion.

Two people in a scene, there are enough ways to mobilize each other's emotions. When the other person's mood is aroused by you, it shows that you are in charge of the date and the meeting.

If you are the only one talking the whole time, or if you are reserved and silent the whole time, there is little interaction between the two people, it is difficult to arouse the other person's emotion.


Positive girls tend to attract people.​

I saw an experiment that involved a dozen college students.

They were asked to read words, word by word, some positive words, some negative words, and watch their emotions flip.

The results show that a person's mood becomes more positive if they hear or say a positive word consistently. If a person is repeating a negative word over and over again, his mood will become negative.

This is also important in a relationship, with people who are positive and cheerful tend to be more popular with others.

So when dating your crush, use more positive words and less negative ones.

When a person hears you say these positive words over and over again, they will have several reactions.

In the first reaction, he will feel that he is a positive, positive and energetic person;

​the second response is that he gets an embodied response from these positive words, which means he makes himself more positive.

One looks at a girl with a positive attitude, and looks at a girl with a negative attitude is different.

For example, a girl actually looks ordinary, but she behaves especially sunny and positive. In his eyes, she may be with light. But if a girl is really nice looking, but very negative, he may feel inappropriate at random.

So the more positive a girl is, the more likely she is to get a guy's attention.


Chat posture, determine his attitude to you

Some girls have told me that they are embarrassed when it comes to the guy they like.

When the guy they like sits across from them, some girls will be very nervous, both expression and posture will be particularly constrained.

There is a principle called the mirror effect. When two people are one-on-one together, the other person will do certain actions or things with you.

When you act and talk awkwardly, the other person will feel uncomfortable too, which will make them feel tired later in the date.

Miss Lu Qi said there are two ways:

The first point is that you must keep smiling, no matter what, to make him feel happy.

Secondly, you must relax and make yourself at home. ​In particular, the hands must be let go. When your hands let go, it is a kind of open arms to each other, a kind of body posture and language. At this point, the other person is more willing to talk to you.

There is a sense of boundary between people, and if you move towards them and they move towards you in a mirror reaction, then they must be interested in you.

Because a person who is not interested in you will subconsciously and unconsciously keep a distance from you.

So whether you're hanging out with someone you don't like, or dating someone you do, keep these 4 tips in mind.

I hope you all find the right person soon.

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