Why do people date?

1. Dating is expensive

2. As people mature, companionship becomes more important than dating, especially if they plan to marry their date.​

"On the moon Liuzhao head, people about dusk", why do people date? Is it just love? Nihor Benokratis, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Baltimore, has taught "The Sociology of Marriage and Family" for nearly 25 years. Her book The Sociology of Marriage and Family has been widely welcomed. On dating, listen to this sociologist.

The dating process is a marriage market.​

The reasons for dating may seem self-evident, but there's more to dating than just getting together.

Sociologists describe the dating process as a marriage market, in which people compare the assets and liabilities of eligible partners to choose the partner with the optimal allocation.

Everyone has a "market value," and who we decide to "trade" with depends on that person's resources. Dating, like most other choices, involves taking risks with the resources we invest. The more valuable their resources are, the more likely we are to invest time and money in engaging them, taking care of their personalities and interests, and learning to relate to their family and friends 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

Dating is very expensive. When two people get along well, there's no need to impress them with fancy French dinners and expensive purchases on dates.

Dating has many functions. These functions can be explicit -- the purpose is obvious, recognizable, and intentional -- or latent -- the purpose cannot be immediately perceived or unintentional. Keep in mind that these features often overlap.

b6d4e20c43402cc5d8daa63e42a49876The explicit function of dating

Maturity: Dating sends a message that the teen has reached puberty. She or he becomes capable of engaging in developmental tasks such as building intimacy outside the home, and, more often, a sexual expression.

Relaxation: Going out with people we like can relieve boredom, stress and loneliness. Online dating sites have reported a surge in their membership during tough economic times, possibly because people are looking to ease their anxiety by seeking relationships. And, as more and more people delay marriage, dating has become an important recreational activity.

Companionship: Dating can be a valuable source of companionship, regardless of age. It can also ease the grief of losing a spouse. One of my students described how her 72-year-old mother, after the death of her husband of 50 years, was depressed until she "met a wonderful man and they started dating."

Love and Affection: Dating is a socially acceptable way to enjoy intimacy. Both men and women said they started dating because they fell in love or wanted to develop a caring and serious relationship. If the relationship fails, the marriage market offers other opportunities to find love.

Mate choice: In a cartoon, a woman puts her hand on the door handle of her apartment before entering, turns to her date and says: 'I'm having a great time, Steve. Do you want to come in and settle down and have a family with me?" Whether people admit it or not, dating is often about finding a marriage partner.

Young people often get angry when their parents criticize their dating by saying things like "We don't want you to marry this guy" or "she's not good enough for you." The impatient retort from teenagers is often: "I have no intention of marrying him or her. We're just dating!" Parents often make judgments because they know that dating can lead to marriage.

The hidden functions of dating

Socialization: Through dating, people acquire socially expected gender roles, learn about family structures different from their own, and different attitudes, beliefs, and values. This kind of learning is especially valuable for teenagers, who can test and hone their communication skills in a one-on-one setting.

Social status: Dating an attractive or successful person can enhance one's status and prestige. Becoming popular or dating a popular person also increases one's status and popularity in a social group.

Fulfill your needs: Being asked out on a date or being accepted can boost a person's self-esteem and self-image. If the date goes well, or if your partner is attentive and attentive, your confidence will get a boost.

Great opportunity: Dating provides an important economic market for products and services such as clothing, beauty, food, and entertainment, often targeting women to reassure them that there is something wrong with them when they are not dating or still haven't found their "true love."

The explicit and implicit functions of dating tend to change over time. As people mature, companionship becomes more important than dating, especially if they plan to marry their date.

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