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  1. There are ways to sell goods live: open your own store to live broadcast, find a red man to bring goods, and ask a third-party team to operate on behalf of you

    1. Open your own store live broadcast

    if you are an offline traditional entity business with complete business licenses and product qualifications, you can first open online stores for yourself. Taobao stores, Kwai stores, Tiktok / Toutiao stores and youzan are all platforms that can be settled. When you have your own online store, you can hang out your products in the form of live broadcast on the platform

    on Kwai, many manufacturers have their own live broadcasts, including entrepreneurs in different categories such as clothing, beauty makeup and snacks. If your products have advantages, they usually live for more than 3 hours a day. If the number of online viewers is stable at several hundred, the monthly income can also reach tens of thousands of yuan. If more traffic can be created, the corresponding income will be more

    2. Find a red man to bring goods

    I don't have the energy and time to operate the store live broadcast. Finding a red man to bring goods is also the most important way of "live broadcast sales". There are usually three ways to cooperate with the red man anchor. One is to do a special online live broadcast, that is, to do a special live broadcast for several hours for your brand or product. Such costs are generally high

    the second is the live broadcast of single products, that is, the red man anchor may recommend dozens of products on the same day, each of which lasts for 3-5 minutes, and your products will also be interspersed among them, so the cost is relatively low; The third is to invite celebrities to live broadcast in offline factories, stores and bases to improve the live broadcast effect and let fans immerse themselves

    3. Ask a third-party team to operate on behalf of you.

    as a new business form, live e-commerce is coming in a fierce way, but many businesses do not know how to start. At this time, you can also find a third-party team to operate on behalf of you. For example, if a merchant wants to do live broadcast sales by himself, he does not have a suitable store anchor, and he does not know where to find a suitable celebrity, then it is necessary to cooperate with a third-party professional team at this time

    extended data:

    the three main methods of live broadcast sales:

    1. Select the right product

    since it is a live broadcast sales, you should choose the right product. Although there are various products on some live broadcast platforms, there are still rules to follow in specific analysis. Selecting the right product should focus on meeting the needs of the target consumer group, The anchor himself should also fully grasp the relevant knowledge of the product in advance to avoid the rollover of the live broadcast

    2. Do a good job in the live broadcast room

    live broadcast sales are mainly through video communication. Across the screen, the anchor should release his own nature and drive fans to buy goods through appropriate interaction

    the anchor should have a good understanding of the product and a certain sales ability. Whether it is the product itself or other after-sales problems, he should respond in a timely manner to make fans feel valued, enhance the trust of fans, recommend suitable products for fans according to the scope of application of the product, and learn to choose

    3. Stimulate fans' purchase desire

    as a sales person in the new situation, whether the consumer psychology is thoroughly explored and whether the customer psychology is in place directly affects the results of the live broadcast. Use hunger marketing, price stimulation, grasping pain points and other methods to stimulate fans to buy through marketing words, so that fans can place orders in a short time

    during the live broadcast, we should focus on creating an atmosphere for fans and audiences: everyone is buying, I will lose if I don't buy. The price is very suitable, and the price will not be so low in the future. There is a kind of "loss" that makes the audience feel that you have lost

  2. The development of the network has driven many industries. More and more commodities have been purchased online. Many people have used the platform to conduct live online broadcasting to promote commodities to everyone
    as a girl, clothes are naturally the most popular commodity on the Internet. After all, everyone has a love of beauty. It seems that it has become the nature of girls to buy clothes. I think they have the following points about how to sell goods live on the Internet
    first of all, the anchor is good-looking. A beautiful face is an advantage. Many people will naturally be moved when they see the anchor dressed so beautifully, and naturally they have the desire to buy
    secondly, good body. A girl with a good figure is born with a coat hanger. She can control any kind of clothes. Those who feel that they are almost the same as the anchor can naturally imagine the effect of wearing clothes on themselves
    moreover, the clothes are useless. It is the effect that many girls want to match clothes. After all, if you buy a dress, you can match many clothes with it, and there is no sense of conflict. Many anchors are also willing to wear a piece of clothing and find a lot of clothes to match it. In this way, there will be people who want to buy it without saying that it is versatile
    at last, the price will be reduced in seconds. Second price reduction is a sales model that many live broadcast rooms have. It takes full advantage of the psychology of many people who like to take advantage of the small ones. If you miss this village, there will be no store. If you miss it, you will return to the original price in only one minute. The advantage of doing this is that those who are somewhat excited about clothes but not have a strong desire to buy them will also buy them immediately after hearing that they are about to return to the original price
    for the anchors who sell clothes, fully understanding the girls' psychology and making use of it is the method they have created to sell goods live on the Internet.

  3. The details are as follows:
    1. When determining the products you want to sell, you must know the highlights of the products you sell? What can be publicized
    2. Create a live broadcast room. The live broadcast room can be built from the three aspects of site, background and equipment.
    3. The standard of the personal anchor site is 8-15 square meters, and the standard of the team live broadcast site is 20-40 square meters. You can choose to work at home.
    4. The background is based on the products you want to sell. For example, if you want to sell agricultural products, the field is also a good choice

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