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  1. The slogan is a slogan of promoting drumming in short text. The following is the banner slogan about the anniversary of the company. Welcome to read.

    1, XX years, the same wind and rain, you and I accompany each other; the next ten years, all the way, the scenery will be more beautiful

    . warmly celebrate the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the XX company

    . The year of XX is the same as wind and rain. n
    5. Strive hard and excellence, add glory to the railway leapfrog development

    6. He Qing XX year, weave a mountain show; wish the Quartet, embroidery China Red r

    7, xx brilliant, macro maps

    8, xx year, I have the future

    9, casting products, casting boutiques, casting character characteristics , Use the spirit of the plant to cast the new glory of the company

    10. Zhang Lanjie Caixiao XX years, work together to co -spectrum new chapter

    11, XX years of wind and rain, xx, xx, xx, XX The vicissitudes of the year, the rapid development of XX, XX year innovation forward

    12. Pursuing excellence, courage to innovate, contribute to the realization of leapfrog development

    13. Cheng Guangrong tradition , Exhibition of brilliant achievements, the spirit of planting the plane, Genesis Weiye

    14. The starlight is full of glorious journey, Mingyue Liuhui decorates the golden birthday

    15, warm congratulations ...* Anniversary grand celebration

    16. Dangui Fuxiang meets the guests of the eight parties, Qiuju Yijin welcomes the friends of the four sea

    17. Open the door to celebrate the congratulations

    18,*carrying the wind and rain after the funeral, the horse's whip runs forward

    19. The year of the year of the xx, show xx style

    20. Revitalizing the national industry, shaping the ** brand, and catching over the world's first -class

    21. The literary world is wonderful and fragrant in the four seas of Kyushu. n2, firm confidence, unity and forge, promote leapfrog development, build the road of strong enterprises

    3, He Qing XX year, weave a mountain show; bless the Quartet, embroidery China Red

    24. Warmly celebrate the anniversary of the creation of enterprises

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