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  1. Company Event: Publishing major issues to continue the suspension announcement
    The major issues of Weixian Co., Ltd. Continue to suspend trading
    Thechi shares due to planning major issues, applying to Shenzhen Stock Exchange, company shares (Securities abbreviation: Weixian Co., Ltd. , Securities Code: 002308) Starting and suspending trading on December 29, 2014, and released the “Announcement of Suspension of major issues” on December 29, 2014 and January 7, 2015 (Announcement Number: 2014-021) And the “Announcement on Continue to Suspension” (Announcement Number: 2015-001).
    The current matters are still in the planning process, and there is still uncertainty. In order to ensure fair information disclosure, avoid the company’s stock price abnormal fluctuations, and safeguard the interests of investors, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Shenzhen Stock Exchange Stock Listing Rules”, After the company applied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company’s stock continued to suspend trading since the opening of the market on January 14, 2015. After the relevant matters are determined, the company will announce and resume trading in time.

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