What brands are there on Chunxi Road in Chengdu?

Our company is making brand shoes ~~ There are many stores in Shanghai ~ Basically, there are first -line business districts ~ I hope to tell Xiachunxi Street casual clothing shoes and bag brands ~ o (∩_∩) o thank you

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  1. Compared with other business districts in Chengdu, the biggest feature of Chunxi Road is that it brings together various brands of various types of specialty stores, as well as many Chinese old -fashioned shopping malls. It is a shopping location for foreign tourists and local white -collar workers. There are also large shopping malls and hotels in Chunxi Road Business District.
    1, Chinese old name
    Hengdeli clock shop
    Squisite glasses line
    Hu Kaiwen Stationery Store
    Fengxiang Tower (jewelry shop)

    2, large shopping malls
    n Lesen Department Store
    Qunuang Department Store
    Maoye Department Store
    3, Holiday Hotel (5 stars)
    Hyatt Hotel (5 stars)
    Sichuan Hotel (4 stars)
    Xintiang Hotel (4 stars)
    many "Chinese old names" Chengdu famous snacks: Zhong Dumpling, Lai Tangyuan, husband and wife The lung tablets, Han Baozi, and Long Cubi gathered on Chunxi Road, and at the same time, they also gathered fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Haagen -Dazs, Bread Talk, Manchester United Bar, and many cafes and teahouses.

  2. This depends on what business you are doing. There are clothing selling clothing, selling gold and silver, and selling jewelry on Chunxi Road ... Do you want to know that type Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

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