3 thoughts on “Where is Chunxi Road selling national style or forest costumes, it is best to be cheap and cheap”

  1. Chunxi Road is away from Tianfu Square for a while. There is a Kowloon Building, which is cheap and cheap. You can find the clothes you see on the Internet. There are also some special shops with special ethnic style. It ’s not here if you do n’t go to Kowloon. It is recommended to go there, I hope you can gain.

  2. This kind of clothing mall is basically not sold, and the lotus pond wholesale market is available, but I guess you can't find a place. There are many Robot Ancient Town (a tourist spot). The clothes I rented there last time were 15 yuan a day. All nations include (Tibetan, Uyghur, Miao, etc.) can be bought or rented.

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