2 thoughts on “Provide a wedding menu, very detailed, the reward is 30 points”

  1. Standard: 1380 yuan / seat "10 people per seat"
    menu: characteristic eight -flavored discs
    Guangdong flavor hanging chicken
    This -like fried crab
    oil splashing all flower bass
    double mushrooms to bless the elbow
    n crab yellow shrimp tofu
    Yaozhu juice chopping time vegetables
    steaming plus good fish
    beauty dots Shuanghui
    seafood fried rice n exquisite fruit plate
    gift items: 1, There is a beautiful wedding banquet sign in the lobby
    2, providing unique wedding banquet background boards and banners
    3, providing champagne tower and five -layer cake model
    4, free tea and drinking bottle opening fee r r r r r r r
    5. Provide karaoke audio equipment and weddings for tune
    6, provides table cards, hi characters, mouth cloth and main table decoration n7, two tables at full twelve tables provide balloons arched doors, two
    8 Provide a bride's dressing room and sign -in from

    Standards: 1 580 yuan / seat "Ten people per seat"
    menu: exquisite eight color fence
    The original shell abalone
    This ginseng burned flower branches
    Huaiqi turtle stewed black chicken
    In the soup boil Qingdao pairs of shrimp

    oil splashes osmanthus fish
    Nestlé snail slices Niu Liu
    Sands egg yolk crab
    Mei Dian Shuanghui
    Mascular fried rice fried rice
    exquisite fruit disk
    gift items: 1. A beautiful wedding banquet signs in the lobby
    2, provided provision Unique wedding banquet background board and banner
    3, providing champagne tower and five -layer cake model
    4, free tea and drinking water -free bottle opening fee
    5, providing karaoke audio equipment and weddings for tune
    6, provide table card, hi -word mouth cloth and main table decoration
    7, two tables provide two tables of balloon arched doors, two
    8, one of the bride's dressing room and sign -in table
    --- Listening to the receiving foreman said that each table has cakes and lobster

    1288 yuan/table B model
    cold dishes
    Non -fish
    The spicy loach
    -mixed vegetables
    n Ginger and green onion baked meat crab
    four -Xi balls
    Red picking elbow
    Chinese cattle willow
    steamed treasure fish n four treasure chop big ducks
    top Soup picking vegetables
    Wild freshwater shark fin n

    Stainer n Babao rice
    Yuan/Siter A model 888 yuan/seat B type cold dish cold dish, cold dish brine brine brine brine honey barbecue pork, borosity, waist flower salt water duck liver fisher fish flavor you noodle sauce, phoenix sauce, nichees of ice, crispy wild mountain pepper double bamboo shoots double bamboo shoots Hot vegetables Hot vegetables Double Eater in the Sea, Crispy Crispy Ginger, Ginger, Fire, Meat Crab, Salted Egg Yolk, Crab Chinese Cattle Willow

    Swan -six -color butterfly
    two food flavors
    Diaomia board duck
    steamed river group
    Piccorny bullfighting
    Pepper explosion
    The red -roasted round hoof
    S weird flavors
    tomato steak
    Beautiful dots
    fruit platter

    Swan -color butterflies
    White -boiled base tail
    Guiyang green pepper chicken
    steamed clamp fish
    n sauce burst in cut in cuttlefish
    , flowers and pepper burdock
    strange flavors of flavor elbow
    dried beans stewed ribs
    -fried vegetables
    R n
    fruit platter

    This salty chicken
    Swan six -color butterfly
    spicy egg yolks
    Wuxiang grilled whole duck
    n ribs of tea tree mushroom
    sauter burst bulge
    Dongpo round hoof
    Sour soup beef
    -fried vegetable

    three beautiful dots
    fruit platter

    forever concentric banquet
    Price: 460 yuan
    cold dishes: rabbit with rabbits, pornado green beans, Roasted pepper catfish, colorful vegetarian stew, assumption kimchi, cloth jelly
    hot vegetables: cloth flavor shrimp, double pepper steaming river group, fish lip stewed powder, ginkgo cake golden elbow, Geely rich duck, Pakistan lantern chicken chicken , Festive family portrait, ingots roasted burdock, lily steamed meat melon, stir -fried vegetables, beef flower kernel stewed pork ribs
    snacks: wild vegetable cake
    n688 yuan/seat
    exquisite four small small small Disc/roasted big platter/broth roasted water shrimp/green fried squid/golden millet fish belly/crispy sea king/邕 chicken/silver silk double pill pot/jade bead drunk duck/Lipu taro buckle meat Pot/Chicken Soup Bamboo Sheng fungus/steamed California bass/garlic fried time vegetables/two -color steamed buns/pork noodles/giving fruit
    788 yuan/seat /Smute Smutch Shrimp Shrimp/Nest Flower Chicken Tablets/Sibao Emperor's Pupa/Hong Kong -style Salt Board Chicken/Famous Garlic Bone/Silver Raverry Laoshid Pills/Pinlolin Mushroom Orchids/Lipu taro buckle pot/steamed osmanthus flowers Fish/Fresh Ginseng Stewed Duck/Soup Fish Vegetable/Fresh Meat Dumplings/Yangcheng Fried Rice/Putting Fruit

    888 yuan/seat 888 yuan/seat
    /Broth boiled water shrimp/festive chicken/three silk flower belly pupa/xo sauce flower branches abalone/gold medal garlic bone/abalone buckle round hoof/lotus fragrance steamed fish/silver silk double pill pot/steamed osmanthus fish/ Ginseng stewed 鹧 蒜/garlic fried vegetable/sesame small fried bun/red grain eight brocade rice/giving fruit
    988 yuan/seat
    Huangzhu Sheng imitation wings/south milk hanging chicken/nest flower branches duck tablets/abalone Bai Ling mushrooms/Kyoto bone pork roll/pot baby radish soaked fish skin angle Fish/Huaiqi stewed fish/fish soup soaked vegetable seedlings/characteristic millet crisp/double hi Yi noodles/giving fruit

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