1 thought on “Which one knows what is the wedding eight treasures?”

  1. Although it is eight treasures, there are nine species of
    are as follows:
    1, abacus, fine: gold abacus in wedding, meaning and plan for newcomers in the future

    2,,,,,,,,,, to Comb, fine: Prime Minister Youbai, refers to the couple to the old man who loves each other

    3, scissors, fine: meaning the bride's life after marriage

    4, fighting , Fine: The amount of food, the man's family is rich in the marriage etiquette

    5, the ruler, fine: quantity and marriage life to measure the standard of happiness, also refers

    6, mirror, fine: indicate the beauty of the complete or bride

    7, embroidered shoes, fine: shoes and "harmonious" same sound, meaning husband and wife blind date, white -headed old n n
    8, if you call it, fine: The meaning of the heart of the heart

    9, the money press, the fine: one of the women in the wedding, to show the woman's family is rich, and it is also the woman after marriage. Used to collect treasures

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