1 thought on “How to customize the Dior diamond ring in life”

  1. Dior diamond rings can only be formulated.

    Mou first needs to bring the original ID card to the Dior brand counter with their own ID card to query information. It can be customized after confirming the results of the inquiry. Men need to use their identity cards to customize for one person throughout their lives, and bind the ID number with the diamond ring. In addition to the need to customize the diamond ring.
    Ird boys who choose to customize wedding rings for girlfriends need to have a comprehensive understanding of information such as the style of the girlfriend, the size of the diamond ring, and the material that the girlfriend likes. Of course, you need to clarify what the word should be carved in the ring. Only under the premise that everything is sufficient and prepared can the customized diamond ring meet the needs of girlfriends in all aspects.
    Diamond ring customization precautions
    1, diamond ring custom budget
    material, size, brand and other factors determine the price of diamond ring. It is best to make the budget in advance before customizing the diamond ring, and then budget at the budget, and then budget at the budget. Select the most suitable style in the interval.
    2, selection of naked diamonds
    This choice of naked diamonds requires comprehensive consideration of the 4C standard of diamonds. Before selecting, learn more about the quality of naked diamonds, and try to avoid buying diamonds such as milk coffee green.
    3, the selection of the pretty support
    The nipple material on the market is mainly 18K gold and PT950, of which 18K gold has high hardness, while the PT950 is high and not easy to fade. The two materials have their own advantages. They can be based on individuals. Select the requirements of wearing.
    4, diamond ring brand
    Diamond ring custom brand has a great impact on the price of diamond ring. The higher the brand awareness, the more expensive the custom price of diamond ring. From the perspective of cost -effectiveness, there is no need to choose those brands with high reputation.

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