Elevating Vehicle Performance: The 20KW AC/DC Motor Electric Transaxle for Robust Electric Drive Systems

The 20KW AC/DC Motor Electric Transaxle delivers exceptional power and torque, enhancing the performance of heavy-duty electric vehicles. With high efficiency and versatile AC/DC input compatibility, it supports robust applications in commercial and specialty vehicles, ensuring reliable and powerful operation.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicle technology, the 20KW AC/DC Motor Electric Transaxle stands as a benchmark for high-performance drive solutions. Designed to power a variety of heavy-duty electric vehicles, this transaxle combines the efficiency of a brushless motor with the flexibility of AC/DC compatibility, offering unparalleled power and reliability.

Product Overview

The 20KW Electric Transaxle integrates a high-output AC/DC brushless motor, designed for vehicles that demand significant power and endurance. Ideal for commercial trucks, buses, and specialty vehicles that require robust propulsion systems, this transaxle ensures optimal performance under various operating conditions.


Specification Detail
Motor Type AC/DC Brushless Motor
Power Output 20KW
Operating Voltage 48V-96V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 100 km/h
Torque 150 Nm
Efficiency Approximately 93%
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs)
Dimensions 680mm x 340mm x 310mm
Application Suitability Commercial vehicles, high-performance utility vehicles

Key Advantages

  • Exceptional Power Output: Delivers 20KW of power, making it suitable for high-demand applications.
  • High Torque Capability: Offers up to 150 Nm of torque, providing superior pulling power and acceleration.
  • Versatile Power Compatibility: Accepts both AC and DC inputs, allowing for integration into diverse electrical systems.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Achieves an efficiency rate of approximately 93%, reducing energy wastage and improving operational cost-effectiveness.

Design and Performance Superiority

The design of the 20KW Electric Transaxle focuses on maximizing durability and performance efficiency. It features advanced cooling systems that manage heat effectively, ensuring the motor operates within safe temperature ranges to maintain longevity and prevent performance degradation. The brushless motor technology not only minimizes mechanical wear but also enhances operational smoothness and reduces maintenance needs.


This transaxle is particularly effective for:

  • Commercial Electric Vehicles: Ideal for buses and trucks that require reliable and continuous power for long routes.
  • High-Performance Utility Vehicles: Suitable for vehicles used in demanding fields like agriculture, mining, and construction.

While the 20KW Electric Transaxle offers substantial power and efficiency, its size and power requirements may necessitate careful consideration regarding vehicle design, particularly in terms of structural support and battery capacity. However, for applications that can accommodate its specifications, it provides a powerful solution that significantly enhances vehicle capabilities and efficiency.

This transaxle represents a significant step forward in electric vehicle drivetrain technology, providing manufacturers with a robust, efficient, and reliable solution that can handle the rigorous demands of modern electric vehicles. It is an essential component for any manufacturer looking to push the boundaries of electric vehicle performance and reliability.


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