4 thoughts on “Xu Kaifu's shape exposes the disadvantages of the face, the face is swollen and neck like a fat head fish?”

  1. Li Yitong, starring Xu Kai's romantic comedy, has been launched, adding comedy elements on the basis of costume style, coupled with the exquisite costumes of early exposure, many netizens have been prepared to follow the show early. It tells the daughter of Fu Rou (Li Yitong), the daughter of the businessman who met the merchant, who encountered the businessman, and began to pursue his wife's road long at first sight. In the play, Xu Kai strived to get beauty, and finally gained sweet love, and the feelings of the protagonists of the bitter male and female protagonists became deeper and deeper. Although "Ge Ge Xing" is a highly sweet comedy, it is not a simple romantic comedy, which also includes discussions on family relationships and national conditions.
    In addition to the humorous and twists and turns, it has aroused heated discussions on the Internet, the identity of Li Yitong and Xu Kai of the play also attracted attention. Li Yitong's drama is the "First Beauty" of the Tang Dynasty. You can see the shape of the clothes. Whether it is jewelry or a group fan, it is exquisite and gorgeous, but Li Yitong's face value is not stunning. "Tang's First Beauty".
    Xu Kai's state in the play is not good. In everyone's impression, Xu Kai is handsome, her face is smooth, and her facial features are beautiful. He can only use his face to turn on a large wave of gunpowder. Many fans are in trouble because of his beauty, which starts from the appearance level. Xu Kai's plasticity is extremely strong. Whether it is a personality or a big sun, it can be perfectly controlled. Xu Kai has a unique costume, known as the "beauty of costumes". The handsome appearance and temperament make fans deeply fascinated. The perfect facial features when Xu Kai's dressing is also amazing, "the real beauty is no gender" interpretation. Judging from the screenshots of netizens. Obviously gaining weight, Xu Kai did become obvious, his face swollen expression was slightly dull, and his previous exquisite existence was no longer existing. Netizens talked relentlessly: "The neck is thick, the face is fat, the eyes are not durable, and the shortcomings of the face are exposed." Many netizens also think that the filter does not match: "I think he is fat." Second, I really really I think there is a problem with the filter. "" This filter is really bad, but the TV series is still funny. "

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