5 thoughts on “Shanghai KFC's first "Food Bank" was robbed by the uncle and aunt. What did we lose?”

  1. There are many restaurants who lose some ingredients every day, because these ingredients cannot be sold. If it is not fresh on the second day, Shanghai’s KFC will put these ingredients in a refrigerator at the door, so that those needed people in need Take it by yourself, this is also the first food bank in Shanghai, but on the first day of the red wall of the uncle and aunt. From the video, it can be seen that the scene was borrowed on the scene, and there was food that was fell off the ground on the ground. This kind of behavior also makes many netizens feel speechless. I think these uncle and aunts really throw things are their own quality. These foods were originally prepared for those who really need it, but these uncle and aunts with good family conditions are for the sake of their own family conditions. If you take such a little cheaper, you will lose your own quality and grab these foods with others. I think this behavior is very bad, and it will make those who really need it do not get what they should take.
    Ser uncle and aunt to grab food crazy about food. After being sent to the Internet, it triggered the ridicule of netizens. Some netizens even ridiculed that the quality of these uncle and aunts is OK. At least the refrigerator is not moved away. The method also makes everyone feel very funny. The local street office also stated that it will quickly take rectification measures to give people those in need. The higher the higher, the food will definitely leave these foods to those in need, but those with higher quality are those young people, and some elderly people still like to take advantage of small cheap. I feel like I have lost. I feel that it is not this measure that needs to be rectified, but that these low -quality people should carry out some educational measures to these people to let them understand what the quality is.
    The behavior of these uncle and aunts is also very funny. In fact, a burger is not expensive, and it will not cost much to buy, so if you want to eat Then fresh food is left to the food banks for those who need it, but these uncle and aunts do not understand this truth. They only know that there are free ones to grab. It really makes people feel very funny.
    but people with low quality actually occupy a small part. Most people will still leave these foods to people who really need it, not to grab some of them. Everyone tells the elderly at home that letting them change the habit of taking advantage of the little cheaper. It seems that the small cheaper seems to get a bit, which will make people feel happy, but what actually lost is the quality and morality of a person.

  2. We lost the traditional virtue of courtesy and humility. It is precisely because there is no courtesy and humility that these uncle and aunts will grab a little bit of cheap.

  3. Without the quality and morality, for some small profits, we do not hesitate at all costs. A burger is not expensive, but under the drive of interests, people will lose their minds, but as a citizen More harmonious.

  4. These uncle and aunts really lost their own quality. These foods were originally prepared for those who really need it, but these uncle and aunts with good family conditions lost their quality in order to take advantage of such a little cheap.

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