How about Lao Fengxiang's diamond ring?

I bought a diamond ring PT950 2.44 grams of diamonds in Lao Fengxiang today, 16-point color level F-G other price of 4100, how about the price of platinum today 430

5 thoughts on “How about Lao Fengxiang's diamond ring?”

  1. The brand is good. Essence At least a little years, but the price is not cheap. Diamond ring is well-known and priced, (generally the price of the factory is 2.5-3 times.) Unless they have a very large discount activity, it will definitely not have it anyway, it depends on whether you like it if you like it Is there any style you like in this brand or the store.

  2. It is recommended to choose a Hong Kong Gold Store to work much better! Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, and Liufu are all done, but the quality and style of Zhou Shengsheng's diamond ring are even more strong!

  3. It can only be said that if your ring is VS or VVS, it is not expensive in Lao Fengxiang. Don't listen to how much it is worth talking about platinum and diamonds. Essence
    The price is multiplied by a certain coefficient according to the cost price, so how much platinum is not important now.
    old Fengxiang's quality is guaranteed to be old -fashioned state -owned enterprises, rest assured

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