2 thoughts on “Where to recover the beeswax finger?”

  1. Hello, the average antique jade market and store are recovered. There are also a lot of recycling on the Internet. Now there are relatively few beeswax, and there are very few people who recycle beeswax now. If everyone wants to recycle, many people can be recycled through some channels on the Internet, but no matter everyone, no matter everyone, no matter everyone, no matter everyone What kind of channels to choose, pay attention to choose formal.

    It one thing to note is that when recycling beeswax, certificates are more critical, because regular shop owners generally only receive bills or beeswax with certificates. This is mainly to prove the beeswax The legitimate legitimate and the authenticity of the beeswax can only be determined before the authenticity of the beeswax, and then can we further discuss how much a gram of beeswax is recovered!

  2. Many people care about how much a grams of beeswax. This is not accurate price, only about the approximate price range. 1. The beaded beads are the most expensive, because it is too wasteful to grind, usually a few hundred yuan per gram. 2. The wheel beads or abacus beads are cheaper, generally one or two hundred grams. 3. The bracelets and pendants are cheaper. They look at the size, usually tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan per gram. Because there are fewer waste waste. 4, antique beeswax is always the most expensive, generally thousands of yuan per gram. In short, the price of beeswax is very different depending on the size, variety, and quality. It is probably the case. If you do n’t understand, you can contact me.

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