What are the materials of the wig

What are the materials of the wig?​
It is divided into synthetic fiber wigs and real wigs. The wig of chemical fiber is made of chemical fiber, fidelity is poor, after wearing an itchy feeling, it is easy to react with the scalp. But the price is inexpensive, the shape effect lasts; ​the wig that real person’s hair does is to choose the pure person hair that is processed to make and become, its fidelity is elevated, not easy to knot, can bureau, dye, hot, convenient alter hairstyle, the price is higher, qualitative effect is not very great.

Introduction to Wigs
1. Different production methods

Divided into machine woven hair and hand hook hair. Woven hair is made by a machine. General mass production, low price, but the authenticity is not ideal, heavy, poor air permeability easy to block the hair follicle, easy to knot. Hand hook hair is a pure manual hook system, high fidelity, excellent air permeability, easy to wear, but the price is relatively steep.

78c300778f9e00c8abb52189dea9d6462. Different processes

In terms of technology, it can be divided into: full hand knitting, full mechanism hair cover, half mechanism hair cover, full lace hair cover, Jewish wig, front lace hair cover, hair block, lace wig.

How to maintain wigs
When your hair is knotted or curled, do not pull or comb it. Comb it slowly and carefully. Use the High end Woman Wigs non-oil conditioner to make your Wig shine, prevent static and keep it moisturized. Wigs can not be dyed, ironed or blown, and do not use electric coils, otherwise the wig will be damaged. You can have your hair trimmed by a professional stylist.

What if the wig is messed up?​
If it is not extremely messy, it can be used to protect hair cream and steel comb, wig with hair cream is relatively lubricated, and then in accordance with the degree of frizz smooth. If it’s a mess, you need to wash it again. ​Simply wash it the way you usually wash your hair, but make sure you put in a moisturizing essence or conditioner. Don’t wash it too rough, only lather it up. After washing, put on the flat kind of special drying net to dry. After drying, it is helpful to coat the design product according to the shape.

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