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  1. How can the dogs do not urinate at home
    How to make the dogs do not urinate at home. Now there are more and more families with pet dogs. It's like a dog likes to urinate anytime, so how can the dogs do not urinate at home?
    How to make dogs do not urinate at home. It is often the "favorite" in the future, so when the dog takes home, try not to let it run around at once. In case it rises and jumps on your living room or bedroom, the big thing is not good.
    If you want the dog to go to the toilet on the balcony, then you can sing it first. When I do this training
    , is it?) In case the dog is very stingy, it is not on it, try to feed it to eat, drink more water, usually within half an hour, it will want to go to the toilet, it will want to go to the toilet (But if you ca n’t finish eating, you should put it away immediately, so as not to mistake the dog to think that the balcony is a dining room, and refuse to go to the toilet where you eat).
    The most important thing is that when the dog finally goes to the toilet, you must praise it lightly, like "good dog, so good", don't be too excited, don't move, so as not to scare it, and urine shrinks back again. After praising and encouraging good habits and waiting for the dogs to do things, they must praise it happily, touch it, kiss it, and make it very proud of doing the right thing.

    Profolding the dog into the house, it is likely to boo in the place where you should not go to the toilet. At this time The dog will be strange to you!) Stop it, take it back to the balcony, and let it know that the balcony is the place to go to the toilet.
    Is when the dog is going to the toilet, you can gently say "Hush" next to the toilet. After a long time, the dog will associate the voice of "Hush" with "going to the toilet". Tell it to boo so it understands what you want it to do.
    don't forget, every time you see the dog in the correct place toilet, you must praise it happily, but the dog loves it! Praise it more, the more you want to do you want to do you want to do it What it does, like people, isn't it?
    How to make the dog not urinate at home. 2 First, you know the truth. Dogs under half a year old, the excretion function can not be completely controlled by self -consciousness. And the load capacity of the ailps and the intestine is limited, so it is difficult to control the puppy shit to control it. Of course, individual dogs can only do it.
    It again, I hope that the dogs do not have several ways to pull around casually, but they must have the patience and relative perseverance of the owner ...
    The laws of the dog's urination are basically as follows: come together in the morning, come together, After eating, after taking a shower, when you are happy, when you are frightened, the owner should pay special attention when these times, and do not scold because the dogs are urinating. Criticism.
    The method of teaching you two ways to change it at home
    The first method:
    Plip every day to bring the dog outdoors on time Every time the dog is urinating, the "pull" and "urine"
    In third -party training methods to enhance the stimulation of the dog's password for defecation, and lay the foundation for fixed -point and time -oriented urine. If Maybe, use things like newspapers and other things to catch its feces and make it get used to you approaching it when it has a stool. I don’t feel scared and uneasy about your approaching When you see it at home to urinate, catch the urine, and then let you want to solve it, let it know the smell there, and then strengthen the password training. In addition, dogs under half a year must bring out 4-5 times a day (wake up in the morning every morning, the more the number of times before going to bed after each meal, the better the effect, and then gradually decrease)
    half a month for half a month Inside, it will completely change the problems of the dogs everywhere, and develop the habit of the dog's defecation outside. You only need to take it out three times a day (that is, wake up in the morning, afternoon (night), before going to bed) Try not to let the dogs urinate for more than 9 hours, so that the dog will have problems such as renal failure and bladder disease.
    The second method:
    It go to a special pet supplies store, buy spraying agents for dog defecation, do not want to spray at home, do not spray Leave a little urine before it, so that the dog will physically accept the defecation location you arranged, and it will become a habit over a long time.
    How to make dogs not urinate at home 3, how to train puppies not to urinate at home?
    M: First prepare these things. The tools that may be used include but not limited to: design reasonable dog toilets, floor cleaners, dog urine pads or newspapers.
    Specific training method:
    1. There is a common method that is to use newspapers to spread on the floor at home, and dogs are encouraged to urinate on newspapers. Then reduce the coverage area of ​​the home newspapers every day. Where there is no newspaper coverage is where you are not allowed to be convenient. Over time, it will be concentrated on a small piece. train.
    2. Do not be too anxious to train it. You can interact with it first, pat him, and give it some snacks to encourage it.
    3. When it is ready to bite, it should be said "no" in a tough tone, encourage food after stopping, and then pat it more encouraging it.
    4. Let it understand which can be moved at home, and you must let it know where to go. The first thing is to say that in the bedroom kitchen and toilet floor, you can use dog cages to assist in teaching. Essence The patience of the owner is very important, controlling the dog's behavior within the scope of his visible, so that you can correct it in time.
    5. The first thing for many dogs in the morning is to find a place for convenience. At this time, you have to observe its behavior. Some dogs will have a lot of habits before urinating: sniffing and smelling, turning around, and turning around, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning around, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning, and turning, turning around, turning, and turning. Or suddenly run to a specific place.
    The should take it to the dog toilet that is prepared in advance at this time. If it solves the internal anxiety on the dog toilet you designated, touch it with your hands, oral encouragement.
    6. If the dog does not hold a urination, tells it in a "no" tone afterwards that this behavior is not good, but don't scare it in the middle. Don't scold your dogs, including playing the dog nose with your hands.
    7. The dog urine on the floor must be wiped with a cleaner, otherwise the dog will be convenient there next time.
    It because the dog's gastrointestinal characteristics and the dogs will be excreted after dining, after the dog eats, immediately take the dog to its fixed excretion to walk or tie it with the dog chain, and then take it away when the dog is completed. Furthermore, because the dog uses odor positioning and is used to excretion at a fixed point.
    Therefore, if the dog excretes the place where it is not placed, first clean up the excrement, and then use the special "removed urine cleaner" to thoroughly erase the smell left by the dog's excrement excretion. (Reminder: Training requires repeated practice. After continuous practice, the dog will have conditional reflexes.)

    . After determining the place where the dog is allowed to go to the toilet, the first thing is to be there. Full of newspapers. The reason for the newspaper is that the dog will not be so smart, and the first time will be urinated on the newspaper for the first time.
    Councing it under one of the newspapers under your encouragement, its training memory is "newspaper defecation = encouragement", even the first step of success.
    2. After feeding, 10 to 20 minutes or after the activity, then gently guide the dog to the toilet site. Bar off the door and let it move within the scope of the newspaper. At this time, use words to encourage it to urinate.
    3. Once it has a intention to urinate, please do not have physical disturbances, but give rewards as soon as possible. For example, "great" or "good".
    4. After the excretion behavior is ended in the newspaper, please continue to give soft encouragement. At this time, you can use your hand to stroke its head and back. The purpose is to make the dog like this behavior mode, produce memory and willing to repeat this behavior.
    5. During the training period, if the dog can urinate on the newspaper every time, the number of newspapers can be gradually reduced. Finally, the number of newspapers will be reduced to a block. Place the toilet.

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