1 thought on “How to knit the dog’s sweater”

  1. 1 First of all, the amount of your dog is weight. My baby bust is 1.25 feet. Then my neckline is 80 stitches and 110 stitches. You can refer to this proportion to get the needle for your dog. Then the collar woven began to widen at about 1.5 inches, and it started to weave the body. This is also based on the size proportion of your dog.
    2 Starting at the beginning from the collar, this step is very important in how to knit the dogs in a dog. The number of busts of the dog (you have to watch it by yourself) You can start to divide the sleeves. According to the thickness of the dog’s leg thickness, each cuffs are left with ten stitches, and the spacing of the cuffs should be left according to the dog’s body, and then weave the front and rear slices.
    3 The weaving front and rear weaving is almost weaving. This must be analyzed according to the specific dog body. The end of the inch, starting the sleeve, the length of the dog’s legs is determined, and the sleeves are basically achieved after the end of the sleeve.

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