Where is the World of Warcraft Xiaode T0?

4 responses to “Where is the World of Warcraft Xiaode T0?”

  1. Roxanne Avatar

    The baron of Stansomum dropped his pants, the dean of the Tongling Institute dropped his helmet, General Blackstone Tower dropped his clothes, the shoe dropped down under the Blackstone Tower, and some components were dropped by mobs. It is best to familiarize the map and clean up the leaders of these copies once.

  2. Woodrow Avatar

    Are you asking T10? In the Baokra Bingwang thugs and legs, other parts are replaced with ice brands in Dala Ranpia, and the shop is next to the daily fishing of fishing.

  3. George Avatar

    Tongling College of Stansomum Blackstone Tower up and down

  4. Glen Avatar

    During the Earth Age Copy Tongling College of Stansomum, Black and Black below

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