What's the difference between powder paint and paint

1. Compared with water-based coating, powder coating is VOC free, theoretically 100% utilization rate, more environmental protection;

2 powder coating one-time coating thickness is generally 60~80U, liquid is difficult to do;

3. ​at present, powder coating is mainly painted by charging way, so it is difficult to use in all substrates, the current metal substrate is mainly; ​liquid doesn't have this limitation;

4. ​powder coatings are difficult to achieve some of the surface effects of liquid coatings - such as the mirror effect, even the best powder coatings can not avoid defects such as orange peel.

Therefore, powder coating is difficult to replace liquid coating completely.


Powder coating powder manufacturer expand their knowledge

What are the properties of indoor powder coatings?​

Indoor use: epoxy powder coating

Outdoor special purpose: polyester powder coating, acrylic powder coating

There are other types, but they are less common and cost more.

Powder coating is safe and environmental protection, used in stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other small parts spraying, construction cost is high, the need for electrostatic spraying, and then high temperature baking.

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