What gifts do I buy when I go to Korea?

I want to give it to my sister, 16 years old, what should I get?
Is she said that she wants double shoes, what brand of brand is it? Suitable for her!

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  1. Some leather goods in South Korea, such as wallet small backpacks

    can also be some Korean boutique tableware

    and Korean 777 nail knife is also famous
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n and even if you do n’t like to eat much, you will not be interested in sending some characteristic snacks in South Korea?

    The confused dolls are sold in the country, 1 100 cm is 100 -300 yuan, 11 cm below 100 cm
    , this is because it increases the expensive freight cost of South Korea to China
    If it to buy in South Korea, it may be less than 100 yuan per r r
    You can also send a small confused doll to your friend, because now this is quite popular, girls prefer, of course, the premise is that she must know how to confuse the doll

  2. 1. Korean ginseng
    Korean ginseng is famous. There are many kinds of Korean ginseng. Ginseng is used for ginseng soup, or honey ginseng films.
    The best participation in South Korea is red ginseng. There is also a difference between red ginseng. The best one is South Korea for 6 years, which means that this participation has been 6 years old. His nutrition or effectiveness is the best. This kind of participation is more expensive.
    2, liver protection
    The liver protection uses the world's advanced polymer and low molecular extract technology, and extracts factor HD-1 from natural precious 椇 椇 椇. The cricket tree lives in a pollution -free mountain forest at an altitude of 50-800 meters above sea level. The air is fresh and has a pure and natural green growth environment. The cricket tree is cold -resistant, with a diameter of 1 meter and a height of about 10-20 meters. It blooms from May -June each year. Essence The main component of liver protection HD -1 is extracted from these rare and natural fruits. Together, ginseng, and Cordyceps have become the most sought -after Korean specialty.
    3, cosmetics
    This to buy cosmetics in Korea is the main purpose of many people. Lotte duty -free shops and Silla duty -free shops are good choices. In addition, Lotte supports the official website order, and then picks up the goods at the airport when returning to the country.
    4, kimchi
    The often see Korean people eating kimchi in Korean dramas. Three meals a day are kimchi. Kimchi sometimes becomes synonymous. "Korean kimchi" is a fermented food that uses vegetables on the Korean Peninsula as the main raw material, various fruits, seafood and meat, and adding fish dew as ingredients. Because the geographical location of South Korea is cold, long, and not long, and not long fruits and vegetables, Koreans use salt to pickle vegetables to prepare for winter.
    The legend was introduced from China to South Korea. In fact, it is called "kimchi" is an incorrect way of raising. The real "kimchi" refers to a lactic acid bacteria fermented food prevailing in Chongqing, southwest of China. A "bubble" word. Two kinds of food should be different.
    5, seaweed kelp
    . In addition to eating birthday cakes in Korean, you also need to drink a bowl of kelp soup. , To commemorate the pain of mothers' fertility.

  3. Does she have makeup? South Korea is most worth wearing cosmetics. If you buy it, you are the best if you buy it, but the clothes that many young girls in South Korea are basically made in China, and there are many small accessories. Pay attention to it when buying. If you want to buy Korean characteristics, you can buy Korean mask to go home for a memorial.

  4. Cosmetics and small accessories (earrings, card issuance, etc.), Korean powder is very delicate and worth bringing!
    If you know the size, you can bring clothes, but there is no characteristic.

  5. South Korea's clothes ...
    Aren't they all popular in Korean ...
    16 -year -old laugh girls should like it most ...
    but it seems that the voltage on the other side is different from us ... so it is estimated that it is a bit troublesome to buy it ...

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