Where can I have a one -stop shopping place in Beijing

Where is the one -stop shopping place in Beijing, including all wedding things such as wedding dresses and wedding shoes. Just too lazy to go shopping, buy a place in one stop? It is a physical store

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  1. 1. Tianyi small commodity wholesale market: No. 259, Fuchengmenwai Street, Fuchengmen stands 500 meters west.
    The buying candy box, gift book, pulling flowers, hi characters, color ball balls, etc., because here is a small jewelry wholesale market.
    2, Bairong World Trade Mall: No. 101-3, Yongdingmenwai Street, the southwest corner of Muyuyuan Bridge.
    The shops with wedding supplies and specialized bedding.
    3, Wusong Beijing Film and Television Equipment City: North of Dinghui Temple Bridge.
    The custom -made wedding cheongsam and other dresses. The relatively cheap here

    If marriage is a troublesome thing, haha, if you are really lazy, you choose one to leave these three places. The most of the family is actually quite complete.

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