1 thought on “My gold bracelet was watching him so hard?”

  1. It's not that gold is hardening but you ignore a common sense.
    Is all know that the impression of gold is the characteristic of "softness" except that it is valuable. Many people think that the more real gold is, it should be softer, but they all ignore a prerequisite.
    When gold is just a few grams of jewelry, it moves it hard, it feels as soft as aluminum; if the gold jewelry is a dozens of grams of jewelry, you can use the brute force to 掰 掰 掰It is definitely not easy to move it, giving people a hard feeling.
    It, especially the gold bracelets are processed by craftsman masters, generally the most "solid". Stunning first, then beating and burning so repeatedly. Those who have requirements need to be used for flowers. Finally, correct the mouth of the circle and then polish, and a piece of jewelry is completed. After polishing, it is generally not easy to deform with solid reasons. If you want to make it softened, you can clean it several times. After high temperature, cool in water, and the characteristics of gold bracelets will appear again.

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