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  1. 1. Perfume. Every woman likes to dress up. For them, different outfits can be matched with different perfume every day. Similarly, each bottle of perfume has different meanings, such as YSL free water. My meaning is that it is not defined by others and lives out of the real self. It is very valuable to give my wife a deep implicit perfume. At the same time, the taste of perfume will also affect the mood of people, make people happy, and bring a good mood for a day. 2. Skin care products. Every woman will want a beautiful appearance, and the foundation of the beautiful appearance is that there is a good skin foundation, so there must be no problem to send your wife skin care products. Pay attention to selecting skin care products suitable for his wife according to the wife's skin, because for women The importance of maintenance is greater than makeup. 3. Flowers. The so -called flowers with beautiful women, no matter which age, will be surprised and moved because of receiving a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are not necessities of life, but it must be standard for a good life. Unexpectedly. Even if I have lived with my wife for many years, I need a bouquet of flowers, especially in important occasions such as birthday.

  2. Gifts suitable for your wife's birthday

    1. Practical articles

    If your wife is a real woman, you can choose some practicality to receive gifts, then you can choose some practicality Things, such as cups, gloves, scarves, combs, wallets, perfumes, etc. These things are not only economical, but also often used. The most important thing is that you care and be careful about her. Just like sending a scarf in winter to send warmth, sending a fan in summer is cool. We can also send some clothes and the like. I believe you know the taste of your lover best, so you can send him some clothes.

    2. Romantic

    If your wife is a romantic woman, you can choose jewelry such as jewelry and other accessories as gifts. When it comes to romantic gifts, I have to mention the diamond ring, necklace, and such as the jewelry. These are gifts that wives will like, but these still require a certain economic strength.

    The romantic gift is flowers. Many people say that many people say that it will fade after a few days after buying, but flowers are an indispensable condiment in our lives. Buy one for our wives. Bouquet flowers can not only enhance the feelings between you, but also make our wife's heart full of love. We want to buy some flowers for our wives.

    3. Food

    If your wife happens to be food, then take her to eat a meal. Only love and food cannot be disappointed in this world. If you can have love and food at the same time on your birthday, it is not a happy thing.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Sending her favorite thing. For example, a crystal necklace can be selected, common ones are white crystals, amethyst, and blue crystals. White represents pure, purple represents romance, and blue represents guardians. See what color do wives usually like. It is a good choice to send a beautiful watch to his wife. The watch has the meaning of love at first sight, which represents your love for her. She can also carry it with her, so that she can think of you at any time. It can also play a decorative role and enhance the temperament of his wife. 2. Wife's birthday, if you want romance, you are petal cakes and digital cakes. If you want to taste, choose Mousse cakes and Tiramisu. Those who like to eat sweets or black forests.nI hope my answer can help you

  4. 1. Teddy Bear Rose Bouquet

    The moisturizing love is indispensable for flowers. Occasionally a bouquet of roses in daily life can bring freshness to the two A box of cute teddy bear dolls romantic roses, cute and romantic, absolutely her heart.

    2, singing and sending blessings

    Then a song at "Tiangong Wishes" as a gift for your girlfriend. The way to sing and send blessings is now more popular. If you are interested, you can go to Baidu to search for it. The practice of this platform is to play a song you specified to sing by calling the other person through calling, and then convey what you want to say to the other party. And it will be recorded to you to see the whole process.

    3, luxurious diamond bracelet list

    girls' slender and white hands wearing this diamond bracelet watch ∞ is particularly beautiful, it is the most beautiful decorative gift between women's wrists, wearing It is more fashionable and elegant for girls.

    4, heart -shaped crystal music box

    Mathers hope that their love is pure without any flaws, there is no routine, and they are honest with each other. Crystal is such a gift, pure and romantic, and can also carve patterns and text. The heart -shaped design is also very suitable for girlfriends to give birthdays.

    5, Creative photo pillow customization

    I asked which girl will not need to pillow, hold one to watch TV, hold one to sleep, and even hold one when you are sad. Customize a pillow that prints your couple photos and give her the warmest companionship, so that she can embrace your love at any time.

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