5 thoughts on “What do you deal with your pet dog when you pull the shit in the sidewalk?”

  1. No matter how high the dog's IQ is, it will not reach human beings, so sometimes it will be convenient. Although I have raised dogs, I will go out with some newspapers, take a few plastic bags, and go out with a newspaper to slip the dog. The dog may be convenient and convenient. You can use two layers of newspapers to clean up and clean the wrap.

  2. I will clean up the stools of the dog's stool on the sidewalk. Because, while enjoying the happiness brought by the dog, I cannot affect the health environment of others. This is the most basic obligation and responsibility.

  3. I usually go out to walk the dog, and I have toilet paper or small plastic bags. In this way, the puppy can pull it up and throw it up and throw it in the trash. If it is urinating, it will be embarrassing and there is no good way.

  4. If my family wants to go out for a pet dog, we must first prepare things that are dealt with. For example, (toilet paper, waste newspapers, etc.) should be responsible for protecting the environmental sanitation. Doing this respects others and respects yourself. It is necessary to reflect the virtue of Chinese people to carry forward the virtues of Chinese people to educate the next generation.

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