2 thoughts on “I don't want to raise my pet? How to do?”

  1. Pets don't want to be sold or give away, but don't abandon it directly. If you do n’t want to raise pets, you can publish transfer or adoption information on the same city platform, circle of friends, community (school), etc., and find your pets to find a new owner. If you have no time, you can give it to a pet shop or pet, and don't let it become a stray animal.

  2. The best way is to give your loved ones or friends who know the roots. Many people mistakenly think that as long as the best food is given to the dog, it is the best care of the dog. Companion, even half an hour a day.
    The has no friends to send it. You can choose to pin the dogs in the dog houses that are tolted. Because people's minds will change, they may regret it in a while. First pin the dog in the dog house, wait for yourself to be calm, think clearly, and then make the final decision. Most of the time, the shit officer is unreliable because of the decision to make anger.
    If you still don't want to feed, the last way is to find a dog's shelter. You can contact the other person to help him introduce the dog to the new owner by helping him. Many people living at home are still willing to accept adoption. This allows the dog to pass between the two masters. Do not discard the dog, and discarding the dog is an unbearable disaster for any dog.
    The content of this article comes from: China Agricultural Publishing House "Encyclopedia"

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