How to feed dogs to take medicine? What are the effective ways of feeding dogs to take medicine?

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  1. When it comes to feeding dogs, it is estimated that many owners will have a headache. In fact, if you master the techniques of feeding, it will become easier to give your dog medicine. So, what kind of techniques can be so easy to use?
    Method 1: Hide the pills in the food.
    1. Put the pills in steamed meatballs.
    2, cut a piece of meat to roll the pills.
    3, if the pill is very small, you can put it in the cheese. Copycro cheese (such as Carse cheese) is more suitable for feeding more than hard cheese, because warm cheese is easier to advance.
    4. Sometimes it is also possible to mix the pill into powder and mix with butter. What is the butter? The butter is processed with milk. Stir fresh milk and extract the thick objects of the upper layer of thick objects.
    5, hide the pills in peanut butter. The peanut butter will stick to the pill, so that the dog has to swallow it. Feed dogs twice a day, and dogs will like to eat within two days. But after two days, you mix some other foods to feed the dog together.
    6. Hidden the pills in cooked vegetables or beans, such as mung beans.
    Method two: crushing pills.
    1, crushing pills. The easiest way is to crush the pills with a bowl and pestle.
    2, then mix with the dog's favorite soft cream. Or mix with a spoonful of dogs, peanut butter, yogurt. Of course, you can also mix the pill powder with other foods that dogs like.
    3, let the dog lick the mixture on the spoon.
    Method three: Push pills.
    1. First give the dog something to avoid dry throat, and then gently open the dog's mouth and control the dog's upper jaw and jaw with your hands.
    2, put the pill behind the dog's tongue.
    3, combine its mouth until you swallow the pills, at this time you can gently push the dog's throat with your hands, that is, when the dog raises his head, use another hand to rub your throat gently with the other hand. Swallowing in a few seconds, be careful not to cover your nose. It is often difficult to see the swallowing movement of the dog. Usually, if the dog licks his nose, it means that you swallow. You can blow the dog's nose for a second or two, which will also help swallow. After taking the medicine, you must give the dog some delicious hospitality, so that it is not so difficult to take medicine next time.
    Method 4: Throw it on the ground.

    1, stand in front of the food you prepared.
    2. Put the other pets to other rooms first to make sure that only dogs that need to feed the dogs look at the meat and then start cutting meat.
    3. Put the meat and cutting knife on the table.
    4, freely throw the pills on the ground. The dog will rush over and eat it. When the dog thinks it is a falling food, it often swallows without thinking.
    5. If the dog has no medicine for a few seconds, just smell it, you can let it look at the meat, and then repeat this method.

  2. 1. The method of pushing the medicine pill is a bit rude, pay attention not to hold the dog. 2. If there is a big dog, you can cut a large sausage and stuff the pills into it for it. 3. When the dog is very hungry, it is easy to feed it with medicine and food. 4. When rubbing the dog's throat, you need to prepare some water to be placed beside it to drink it when you need it.

  3. For dogs who are more obedient and not coquettish, you can use the forced feeding method, pinch the pills directly, open the dog's mouth and throw it in, and then close it.

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