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  1. There are a lot of good dogs, but there are not many obedient dogs, but there are relatively some dogs that are relatively obedient. Let ’s share a dog who is good and obedient!

    . Golden Retriever

    Golden retriever is a variety of more modern and popular dogs. Patient and not required the owner much. As long as you exercise regularly, food and veterinary medical examinations are enough. The uniqueness of Golden Mao is that it has a pleasant personality, friendly expression, enthusiastic personality, alert, confidence, and not afraid of life. It is very friendly to children or babies. It is a well -proportioned, powerful, and lively dog ​​species.

    . The Labrador dog

    The Rabrador recovered dog was named after the place of origin in Canada and Labrador in Canada. Rabrador's retrieved dog is a large dog. He is loyal, atmospheric, thick, gentle, sunny, cheerful, lively, and very friendly. It is also very suitable for people. Guide dogs, subway police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and other working dogs, with Siberian snow pry dogs and golden retrieved dogs, tied three major offensive dogs, Labrador IQ ranked sixth in the world dogs.

    . The poodle

    The poodle, also known as "lady dog", also known as "hair dog", is a smart and understandable dog species. The Vaporion has a unique temperament and changing shape. It has won the favor of many people, giving a beautiful and smart impression. It is worth noting that there is no dog of Teddy. Teddy is not a dog breed. It is just one of the many cosmetic styles of poodles.

    . Pomeranian

    Ome is a compact, short -back, and active play dog. It is a type of German fox dog, native to Germany. It has a soft, thick bottom hair and thick fur. The tail roots are very high, and the tail curls with thick hair are placed on the back. It has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk behavior and curiosity. Small and cute, suitable for being partner dogs, white and brown.

    five, Shiba Inu

    Huho is a medium -sized and oldest dog. Shiba Inu can cope with the steep hills and the slope of the mountains, and has a sensitive sense, making Shiba Inu repeatedly become the superior hunting dogs. Shiba Inu is lively and active; you will play with your favorite toys all day long. There are extremely vigilance to the homeowner to see the home care homes: especially to large types, and not to lose. The mouse and birds in the grass will be its prey and toys.

    4-Shiba Inu. Jpg

    This dogs are relatively easy to raise, and they are also obedient. If you want to save trouble, you can consider these dogs.

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