1 thought on “How to make an invoice for the gold jewelry bought?”

  1. Just find reimbursers to reimburse.
    1. Cost reimbursers will paste the reimbursement attachment on the "expense reimbursement form" by themselves, and fill in the content on the "expense reimbursement form" and sign it at the reimbuitors; Sign signed; 3. Reimbuilder to the reimbursement order to the Finance Department, shall be reviewed by the accounting; 4. The "expense reimbursement form" after the review is approved by the general manager; Essence
    "Administrative Measures for the People's Republic of China Invoice" Article 29 The units and individuals who issue invoices shall store and keep invoices in accordance with the provisions of the tax authority, and shall not be damaged without authorization. The existence of the invoice and the invoice registered book should be stored for 5 years. After the preservation period expires, it is destroyed after being inspected by the tax authority.

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