5 thoughts on “How do you distinguish brass jewelry from gold jewelry?”

  1. 1. The colors of bars and horizontal lines are different
    the bars and horizontal lines are gold yellow, and the bars and horizontal lines are red if drawn with brass
    2. Hardness
    pure gold is soft and low in hardness. It can make shallow marks with nails and leave tooth marks when biting; Brass is harder than gold, and it is not easy to leave tooth marks and nail scratches
    3. Different colors
    the higher the purity of gold jewelry, the darker the color. The fineness of deep red yellow is more than 95%, and that of light red yellow is 90% ~ 95%. The seven green, eight yellow and nine red can be referred to.

  2. The color of brass is dark and hard. In addition, you can take out a piece of white paper, and then forcefully scratch the brass on the white paper. After several strokes, you will find that there are dark red marks, and the tunnels crossed with gold will show golden yellow marks. Therefore, it is very easy to distinguish their differences.

  3. Brass is a kind of copper. Although the colors are similar, there are still differences. The color is dimmer. Brass is dirty, and then gold is shiny. The hardness is also different. If you take a bite of gold, or stab it with a sharp object, you will leave traces. Brass does not. Brass is a hard thing than iron, and it will not leave traces easily.

  4. First of all, the molecular mass of gold is different from that of copper, and the mass of gold should be larger, that is, gold jewelry is heavier under the same volume, and the color of gold is more bright. Brass contains some iron, so the color is dim. You can also bake it on the surface with a lighter. The oxide film formed on the surface of gold will become very bright when wiped with salt, but brass is not.

  5. This is a simple method that everyone can try to distinguish the true from the false. First, take a cup, weigh the amount with an electronic scale, then put in water to weigh, tie the gold jewelry with a thin thread, and weigh the jewelry. Record these, and then put the head: ornament on the chain into the cup. Put the jewelry into the water for one centimeter, and record the grams. Divide the previous weight by the current weight and write it down. Use your mobile phone to follow up in Baidu to find out the proportion of your own jewelry gold, and then compare it with your number to know whether it is true or not.

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