ancient egyptian jewelry wholesale The eight jewelry shops in private, cheap, niche, do not collide with money, too beautiful

ancient egyptian jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale glass jewelry display showcase I believe everyone knows that wearing all year round requires accessories blessings, especially in summer, if there are no color embellishments on the body, it will feel less.

    So “Hardware Girls” are still waiting. The style is also sexy, and is good at mixing and matching of various materials. There will be heavy festivals in special festivals. In short, the style is rich and diverse, and there is an endless feeling.

    . The style of most Baroque pearls is particularly different, very wild, and not cheap at all.

    The large chain hanging in the handsome one will use vermiculite, crystal or pearl to neutralize tough attributes, rigid and soft, show The texture is more versatile at the same time.

    as while choosing the jewelry, you can also learn the inspiration of many jewelry from the buyer show, unlock the jewelry more surprise to wear method Essence

    -fat shop CNHNON –
    Beauty, aesthetic online, every accessory made seems simple, but pays great attention to details.

    The single -rooted chain of their home, exquisitely wearing, as a very versatile player as a stack.

    Compared with the necklace, the earrings have a lot of selectivity, and they are basically silver and gold -plated earrings.

    . For example, the shape of this ear ring is very basic. It is suitable for any clothes. At the same time Fashionable, you can’t buy it blindly.

    occasionally there are some individual styles, which are mainly geometric elements such as clean lines and arcs. The shirt will not be too exaggerated and dazzling.

    This shop runs the simple and casual style to the end. It can be said that the cost performance is very high.

    The tassel earrings made by their home are too beautiful, and the entire store is immortal ~


    The ones inlaid, it flashes to explosion, and it is not possible to take pictures of the party.

    The metal chain -style earrings are much low -key, commuting is also suitable for wearing, and the usual matching is quite high.

    The earrings of crystal materials look particularly clear, and the light will reflect light and shadow, which is very suitable for summer wearing.

    The materials such as vermiculite, crystal, and acrylic are not cheap. The shop has done it.

    At the same time, whether it is earrings or necklaces, the number of geometric elements is quite high. Can’t help but look at it.

    The snake bone chain that is necessary for people, and coin pendants have multiple choices. In short When you come to visit, there will be a lot of gains.

    -fanlulu studio –
    This is a treasure store I found inadvertently. 9 series, each series has an independent style and elements.

    . For example, the gift series of girls is designed by pearls, bow elements, and strong styling. Going up is super sweet.

    The coolest is the feminist girl series, the large weaving earrings, which is very suitable for summer vacation.

    The asymmetric wear method is more eye -catching. There are ear clips and ear hooks, and girls without ear pierced can also be hot girls.

    But my favorite is the ice foam series. The abstract block is embellished with a metal chain, which is quite chic.

    It you can choose this color crystal material in summer. Essence

    . The remaining groups have their own characteristics. The contrast is extremely large, simple and powerful, and it is really impressive.

    The petal series

    each one can be purchased single by one. The combination of multiple ways to wear it yourself will never collide.

    do you remember the peach earrings worn in the peach? This is this drip ~

    has lemon, grapes, cherries … it is simply a fruit shop, which exceeds the standard!

    except for cute fruit patterns, other styles are also beautiful.

    . For example, the flower style is also very sought -after. The handicraft pattern is like a flower sweater woven from the mother when it was re -enrolled. From color to shape, there is a strong retro flavor.

    This year, super realistic chiffon flowers have been released. Bad the immortal again ~

    It some cartoon elements, such as Snow White, Bear, etc., I have to say that tangi understands girls too much, And the price of cabbage is not distressed when you buy it.

    I first entered this shop for the first time, and I was freshly macaron color circle. Powder.

    Sess is designed from animal, universe, and nature as elements. Each pattern has angles and angles, which are both abstract and full of cuteness.

    The combination of each contrasting color also adds a lot to the shape, boldly eye -catching, it will definitely earn enough eyeballs!

    It also has a special treasure material, which looks like transparent, but it will change with the change of light. The geometric shape, it is difficult to not be attracted to the eyes of others.

    The combination of this material and other patterns is also very versatile, which will make the overall fantasy and look lighter.

    In accidental discovery these funny national tide text series, whether it is Chinese characters or pinyin, it must be entered for the meaning ~

    The additional is made from rubber puree or clay pinch. Not to mention that you think you are DIY, full of innocence.

    -Maheton Maheton-

    is divided into many series. It is a ghost and horse. It is very lively to match the fluorescent and candy color.

    In exploring the space series

    n cartoon series

    , I still can’t resist the Huahua World Series, a variety of small FAFA, which has a sense of summer atmosphere!

    The design also looks like there is a darkness. COOL girls can try it ~

    The more personality is the spring series, sandwiched on the ears, and the light looks painful. It’s right.

    In short, the style of this shop is exaggerated and common.

    -Garlic earrings-
    The style of this shop is very similar to Ma He Tong, but it is not so exaggerated. It is the kind that can be matched daily.

    Stitic flower elements do not need to say more, it looks cute what it looks like.

    I want to boast of their small people series, even so mini, design different movements and emotions, exquisite as a pair of pairs Painting, shook in your ears to perform a stage play.

    The style in the earrings, each shape is cleaned and translucent, the self is light and full of fresh taste.

    The hottest of their home is the zipper series, nearly 10 color options, and love models, which are even more weird.

    Okay, so many shops I love to visit are all here, I want to know that you have collected a few of them quietly Intersection

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