Experience of using 130CM basic wax silicone doll hair transplant + platinum TPE body + luxury gift bag

Braden: I talked with the customer service for a long time, and then I placed the order after I got a clear understanding. I watched the delivery video. real doll love doll is not bad, it is real and lovely.

Dylan: The great stuff is worth waiting for. The fleshy experience is extremely excellent and plump and elastic. It is considerably better than the other home styles I bought before, fairly satisfied. I want to recommend to the single brothers, worth buying, especially the huge ass, who can stand it!

Tristan: I have been upgrading all the time. This time I have added the clip-on function to the smart function of the electric sex doll. The experience is, of course, much better.

Samuel: The skin color is extremely positive. I didn't expect to be able to imitate the texture and feel of real people, which is somewhat surprising. The main thing is that the overall look is extremely charming, the material quality is excellent, it feels extremely pleasant to touch, the range of joint rotation is OK, you can put on various poses, the skin is soft, the hand press on the elasticity and toughness of real people, no odor, you can be extremely safe to use, the chest is made extremely real, This package is extremely strong, and you can add a proper amount of lubricant every time you play, making it extremely exciting. It looks attractive, round and tight, just like a sexy little girl. The material is extremely soft and delicate, not rough, and the hand feels extremely excellent.

Isaac: It's lovely. The whole body feels soft, the skin is delicate and real. It's amazing. The makeup is lovely and fine, the texture details of the body parts are extremely excellent, the buttocks and breasts are rather fleshy to pinch up, the buttocks are a bit tighter than the front, it is actually a penny for the goods, the touch is extremely excellent.

Brody: The workmanship is meticulous and the material is soft and elastic. The feeling of playing like a real person. Inside the particles and wrinkles are extremely full, the quality feels much better, truly do not have a flavor to play. The material is also extremely soft, extremely powerful, fairly suitable for us this kind of single. ​can relieve the single heart and life pressure, even if the temporary no partner can also use this to experience

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