What is the difference between a construction elevator and a construction elevator?

Construction elevators are essential equipment in modern architecture. It plays a highly significant role in the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings. It plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the construction cycle and safety, reducing the construction cost and reducing the labor intensity.

Construction elevator only cage vertical up and down movement, running speed test without high precision requirements, electrical control system is relatively simple, its main characteristics are frequent start, brake, flat level number.

530aadb3c455aaabf1516732016e2ba1Ordinary lift and single man electric lift rise, fall, stop function is achieved by contactor relay control, and the speed is not easy to control, start stop instant impact is large, the damage to the mechanical structure and mechanism is more serious; ‚Äčoperation speed can not be adjusted, affecting the benefits of construction enterprises, poor parking stability.

Using three transmission frequency control, can realize the construction elevator start acceleration and deceleration, braking process of stepless speed regulation, reduce the impact of the motor on the mechanical system, improve the construction elevator in the process of running stability and comfort, prolong the service life of the construction elevator, considerably improve the work efficiency.

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