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  1. The first is the candy seeds on the beginning, and then there are some chickens, ducks, fish, pork feet, and lamb legs. These are all necessities in us, as well as egg soup and sweet soup when we disperse.

  2. People who have eaten are usually eight dishes and one soup: bone soup, sour radish, white -cut chicken, braised duck, bamboo chicken belly, green vegetables, shrimp fans, fried meat and Dutch bean fried squid.

  3. Generally, chickens, elbows, dumplings, fish, beef hot pot, fried vegetables, fried food, cold food, large rural tables seem to have no delicate dishes in the city, but the taste is really good.

  4. In rural areas, we basically hold a running seat at our own house. To sum up, it is delicious and affordable. What are the common dishes in the rural mats? Let’s take a look!

    In on the banquet, it is essential to have chicken and fish. As the saying goes, “No chickens can not be a feast, no fish is not available”, Chicken and fish have a great position in the banquet. Secondly, some local dishes are mainly seafood and lakes in the water, and they are mainly carnivorous inland.

    But the customs and habits of each region are different, so the dishes on the running seat are different. Therefore, the number of dishes in each place and dishes are also different, but the number must be dual -numbers, and the number cannot be made, because the single number represents auspiciousness.

    For example, taking the Northwest region, there is a common point in the northwest running water seat, that is, there are 24 dishes, which are divided into 8 of them, which are divided into 8 channels. Cold dishes, 16 hot dishes. When serving the food, first add cold dishes as a dish, 8 cold dishes, four codes, and then 16 hot dishes, and then served in the form of three, three, three, three, and four. The last dish is soup. After eating, the banquet ended successfully, so people in some areas joked that this soup was “rolling soup”, which means that they would get out of the time after eating.
    This water seats in rural areas are a reflection of traditional culture in my country. It has a history of more than a thousand years, but now it is gradually replaced by the hotel. Although the style of the dishes is exquisite. There are several basic large pieces of Chinese rural wedding banquets: chickens, ducks, fish, and hoof, these four are basically essential. In terms of wedding banquet style, cold dishes should be made 6-8, and hot dishes should be made about 10 tables, and then don’t forget to soup, snacks, and fruits.

    Is pay attention to local customs when side dishes, avoid local taboos, and respect the habits of each guest. There are vegetarians among the guests, or guests who need special side dishes for physical reasons. Ask the matter in advance.

    In rural areas, there is a unwritten tradition, that is, the number of wedding banquets must be dual numbers. It was the number of dishes of the white (funeral banquet). If the number of wedding banquet dishes is 8 dishes, it symbolizes the fortune, and the ten dishes symbolize the ten beauty, and the twelve dishes symbolize the happiness of the moon. Such as: in the Jiangnan area, the eight or eight major seats are composed of eight cold dishes and eight hot dishes. In addition, the days of hosting weddings are usually more selected on the eighth, eighteenth, and twenty -eighth day of the lunar calendar. We must send it, and you must not leave the eighth, eight, eight, and the auspicious meaning.
    The naming of the dishes should be used as auspicious words as much as possible to entrust the good wishes of the newcomers, and the guests are psychologically pleasant to the atmosphere.

    general 10-12 large bowls: fish cake meat round, buckle meat, two hot pot, then a few greens, lentils, edamame beans Or cabbage, and then the white fungus soup, fried fried fish is made of flour and fish, and then you can go to a braised duck, and it depends on what the current seasonal dishes are flexible, such as green beans, such as green beans, such as green beans. Soybean, you can.
    Remembering one principle, mainly ravioli, supplemented by vegetarian, and making up for twelve dishes, or ten dishes.

    It. Let’s take a look at which recipes are suitable for rural wedding banquets:
    The Communist Party is reported) —— 鸡 鸡
    (Qunlong He Xinxi) —— White Burning Shrimp
    (Gold Full of Land) —— —— Tang Bai Guo Pork Belly
    (I love you for ten thousand years) -Ta Turtle Soup (I want to laugh!)
    (Shenyu Luoyan Beauty) – —— steamed flower branches
    (Prince of Golden waist) —— Capaine
    (double -flying wings) -Saming white pigeons
    (Dragon Emperor’s Lottery) – n (Hongpao Tianxi celebrates) -This meat
    (blessing to the East China Sea) —— steamed sea fish
    (Yongjie happy concentric) —— Babao Rice
    (Sweet Sweet) – Sweet soup
    (Ruiguo Chengxiang) -on fruit

    The chef’s imagination is so rich! But this recipe is really festive!

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