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  1. How to make the wedding night sweeter is more concerned about every newlywed couple. The first sex life on the wedding night is of course satisfied. However, because the newlywed couples often lack sexual knowledge, the two parties have just contacted, and it is normal to be very satisfied with being nervous, shy, and fearful. This has nothing to do with the harmony of sexual life in the future. In the future, with the movement of time, the richness of sexual knowledge, and the accumulation of the experience, it will definitely achieve sexual harmony. In order to make the wedding night more sweet, pay attention to the following points:

    First, learn some sexual knowledge before the wedding. Reading some books about sexual knowledge, through learning to help newlyweds understand the relevant knowledge of sexual anatomy, sexual physiology, sexual psychology, sexual behavior, etc., you can achieve the number of hearts and avoid hasty.

    Secondly, a pre -marital examination. In accordance with the pre -marital examination in accordance with the local hospital, doctors responsible for the marriage inspection will patiently guide relevant sexual life knowledge, new wedding health knowledge, and family planning knowledge. If you do n’t understand the books of sexual knowledge, you can also ask the doctor during the marriage inspection.

    third, pay attention to the combination of work and rest before marriage. Being busy with dowry and social entertainment before marriage. Excessive fatigue on the wedding night will affect the function of sexual life. Therefore, you should arrange the time reasonably before marriage, pay attention to rest, and do not over -tiredness.

    Fourth, the binding reaction cycle must be combined to control the sexual behavior. The sexual response cycle can be divided into sexual excitement, duration, orgasm period, and disappearance period. Sexual excitement is the preparation stage of sexual life. The duration and orgasm period is the stage of sexual intercourse; The symbol of the excitement is that the men's penile erection, the number of large gland secretions in the vaginal vestibular gland, and the vaginal lubrication.

    During the preparation stage, the two parties should stretch and evoke each other's excitement through sweet words, warm strokes, enthusiastically inspiring and evoking each other's excitement. Promoting sexual excitement early to both sides entered sexual excitement, and then began sexual intercourse.

    The start to enter the climax period, and gradually appear sexual pleasure. Floating. During this period, the two sides should not talk about things that have nothing to do with sex, so as not to affect the emotions of the cave and make sex excitement prematurely. The climax period is very short, and the minute of disappearance is disappeared in a few seconds. Immediately turning into the period of sexual reaction decline. In this period, the man's penis gradually softened, and the spirit of both sides slowly turned to calm. Because men's sexual desire faster, women's sexual desire faded slowly. At this time The groom should continue to caress the bride, waiting for the bride's sexual desire to completely fade, and feel tired to sleep, can end the sex life, rest together, the groom must pay attention to the physiological characteristics of the woman. Falling asleep, this will affect the satisfaction of women's sexual desire.

    The is worth emphasizing in the whole life of life that the two parties should cooperate with each other, be considerate, and tacit each other. The bride is a bit shy or shy for the first time, and his spirit is a bit nervous. Therefore, the groom has to be comfortable and gentle, and the movement should be gentle and not rude. The bride must also cooperate with the initiative, so that sexual life can achieve water and milk blending and sharing joy.

    The psychological counseling should be accepted in time. In case of a groom's impotence or the vaginal spasm of the bride in the cave room, the life affects the life of the part, at this time the two parties should be treated calmly and cannot complain to each other. However, the two parties will go to the hospital to receive sexual counseling. Below will generally get timely and reasonable solutions.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer laternAfter the wedding period is determined, the wedding hotel is booked, buy Sanjin, take wedding photos, find wedding planning, determine the wedding planning plan, determine the four major diamond personnel of the wedding, rent or buy wedding dress wedding shoes, and the bride and two parents' new clothes and new clothes. Shoes, makeup, buy wedding supplies, wedding house decorations, etc.!n. Clothing prepare brides: Xiuhe, wedding dress, toasting clothes, wedding shoes, handbags, tube tops, stockings, headwear, necklace, bouquet. Bride: suit, shirt, tie, leather shoes, cufflinks, dark socks. Parents: Everyone prepares two sets of clothing, which is used for welcoming and wedding banquets. Bridesmaids: clothing, shoes, bridesmaid bracelets, red envelopes, souvenirs. 2. Jewelry preparation diamond ring (for wedding ceremony), with Xiuhe's gold bracelet, platinum necklace with wedding dresses, the unique wedding token of the groom and groom. 3. Food preparations like candy, red dates, peanuts, longan, lotus seeds, dried fruit, white wine, red wine, beer, cigarettes, drinks, tea, cakes. 4. Wedding rooms prepare fruits, jujube, peanuts, longan, lotus seeds, eggs, eight treasure porridge, candy, chocolate, choose wedding, balloon, petals, newcomers 'wedding photos, guests' shoes, red carpet. 5. Prepare hotel reservations at the wedding site. The wedding style is determined, welcome cards, signs, newcomers wedding photos, flowers balloons, candles, handing a glass of wine, candy box, sign -in card, banquet seat card, souvenir. 6. Other gifts prepared to parents,n1 morenBleak

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